2231 W. Holcombe Blvd
Houston, TX 77030
Call Us:(713) 665-4601
Open Monday - Saturday 5pm to 10pm

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Buon Appetito Restaurant is located on West Holcombe Blvd., near the Medical Center between Greenbriar and Main Street. In a comfortable old house sits this authentic Sicilian restaurant that has not done much to hide its residential origins since opening in 1975. The building is a brick house painted light gray with blue trim and tiny lights outside. The interior of the house is warm and intimate divided into small cozy rooms. The romantic atmosphere is certainly enhanced by the presence of Tino Cantu, the string guitar player.
The house is owned and operated by Enzo Finazzo, whose roots are still firmly planted in his native Sicily. The first Sicilian restaurant in Houston is perhaps still the only one offering a friendly and traditional world of fine cuisine and Mediterranean atmosphere, with dishes that will leave you longing for the shores of Sicily.

Sicilian food melds an incredible variety of styles and historic ingredients while remaining uniquely Italian and ultimately fantastic. Buon Appetito incorporates Sicilian meals and mainland Italian cuisine to create a fantastic blend of Mediterranean specialties. Let us draw upon hundreds of years of Italian history and gourmet cuisine to create a meal not to be forgotten.